July 2, 2009

  • D.ONE-84
  • Junglist DJ/Producer/ Interface/ Branding/ Environmental designer
  • He says: “I take my time to construct a rigid backbone of my works. I tend to render plans in multiple layers connecting both visual and functional. I tend to more on the constructive side of thinking. Since I realized no-one Really benefits from advertising, I started looking forward to design jobs more on a practical side. Something long-lasting functional. Street-wise I love it to see in a proper place, brightly popping upon something old and textured. Indoors it’s gotta look like vector-art. Wallpaper patterns are deep. My aim is to become an architect, working according the suggestions of Vedic architecture. I would really like to build a massive metal bridge, build from modular elements inspired by nature. Simple is good.”
  • He is in streets since 98. He loves yellow, black, sun, fishing, nature, sand, rooftops, rock-climbing, paint, headphones, flexible beats and dope basslines, ease,dance, movement, mind-blowing, seeing people as animals in their behavior, femz, yoga and the art of lovemaking.
  • D.ONE-84 felt different first time when met kids out in the yard and they didn’t get him, because he was more into art, experiments of physics and science than robots and war-games.
  • D.ONE-84 really likes drawing.. and fishing is just something really relaxing.
  • Music he likes: Jungle, 2Step, Bassline, Electro, Breaks.
  • Live Life 2 Love. Love Life 2 Live!



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