Mantu Placis at Domina Shopping

July 1, 2009

mantu placis

If you want to sell something,
maybe someone else wants to buy it!

On 26 July, Domina Shopping Centre invites everybody to the first Mantu placis – Flea Market where anybody can sell property which they no longer need, but which could be useful to someone else! You look forward to seeing your grandfather clocks and your grandmother’s embroidery, old banknotes and stamps, shoes that were stylish 20 years ago and bags that were last season’s height of fashion, eternal vintage jeans and brave Crimplene dresses. Likewise, many visitors to the sale could be interested in bikes that your kids have outgrown, lampshades which don’t fit in with your new intererior and palms that have outgrown your apartment ceiling. Books that no longer move you, videos you haven’t watched for ages gather dust on your shelves and music that gives you heartaches? Naturally, there’s a place for all such items at the Flea Market. The only rule is that the size of the items for sale must be such that they can be brought to the shopping centre by one person.

We invite sellers to register by 10 July at:

  • – filling online form here or
  • – at Domina Shopping Centre’s Information Centre

Read more about the trading rules here

Official Web site : Mantu Placis


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