Olga Kotovska @ FILTERED

June 30, 2009

  • Olga Kotovska
  • Photographer / Dreamer
  • She adores sea and can’t imagine her life somewhere where there is no sea. If she would have to live somewhere away from the sea she would be unhappy and she would become a marinist. She pays enormous attention to her dreams. She usually has quite bizarre dreams so they end up in a very nice and strange photographs and paintings.
  • She says:”I love summer for the green color and warm nights. August is the best month in the year for making wishes. The nights are warm and there are a lot of falling stars.” In her thoughts August equals with the new year holidays. She loves Rorsharh’s tests.. they are curious.
  • Olga never noticed she was different. There was a moment when she noticed that everyone was different, and it was interesting.
  • She partly paints, partly writes. It is all attempts to make friends with a pen and a brush.
  • She never had one permanent style. Her works are reflections of her mood. And the mood often changes. In work with people and nature what she like most is a chance to find something hidden. Olga likes to pay attention to things which people usually pass in quick steps. She thinks it helps to find the details of which everything is made around us. She likes to get spontaneous feeling that she need to photograph someone. In the strangers around us, there are many secrets. We have to find them first and than picture them.
  • First thing in taking a photograph is finding a detail.  In the recent time, i make pictures because my feelings make me to. In her works there is a straight balance between nature and human.
  • Olga had “activity BOOM” in the beginning of this summer after the winter was gone.

You can find her at:










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