Diana Stadņuka @ FILTERED

June 30, 2009

  • Diana Stadņuka
  • Graphic artist / Painter
  • Diana loves to observe people while at the same time she hates them. Her personality is full of contrasts, mistakes and obscurity and she is a different person every day, because it’s pointless and boring to stay the same and stick to only one point of view which lets her be flexible and achieve anything she wants. She never looks back at the past because no one can change it or bring it back so she prefers to work hard for tomorrow or enjoy her present.
  • Diana has always felt different but not always realized she was. Over time life got weirder and weirder and people told her she was different indeed…  “Too weird to live, to rare to die”
  • Train tracks, rain, cats, documentaries, soviet films, independence are just a few things that she likes. Diana doesn’t like hot weather, crowded places and Jurmala.
  • When Diana draws or paints something she enjoys the process more than the outcome and doesn’t put any meaning in the image. But when art will turn from a hobby in to work, she hopes to be able to enjoy the results on billboards and posters.



element_by_Kaarums - Copy






One Response to “Diana Stadņuka @ FILTERED”

  1. я помню, как у тебя мольберт в кабинете стоял )

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