June 28, 2009

  • Kate Ch / Kūms
  • Graphic design / Design / Street art
  • Born in Riga. If she wants something be sure she will get it and she also learns very fast. In all she does there is idea and hard work in base.  Kate loves discovering new techniques and approaches. She thinks that it is very important to find new material and ways to express yourself.
  • Kate does not think she is different. She just has other outlook to everything. For one, sun is rising for other, setting. That is why she likes to talk to different people. Knowing their thought helps her generate new ideas.
  • She likes to paint, take photographs,  draw sketches. She likes metal design  and searching for colors in nature around is a pleasure for her.
  • In her works she likes colors, contrasts, 2d.
  • Kūms is also a name of her sticker character. At first the original color was green and blue. And there is was only face and tale. After some time it developed to what it is now and colors are chosen in a matching way.
  • Apart from Kūms char she does logos and little sketches but she does not publish them  anywhere yet.
  • About street art scene in Latvia : “Well it all is growing and developing and the more people are involved and interested the better.”

You can find her at:








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