Raitis Biezais @ FILTERED

June 27, 2009

  • Raitis Biezais
  • Photography
  • He was born in Madona, was growing in Madona and lives in Madona.  He has Zenit in his closet and a few film packs.  In outwards appearance he might be quite ordinary and similar to all others, but if you take a look at his inner side – you’ll surely understand that he is something completely different. Raitis is a crazy artist.
  • In his free time he also makes music in a synthetical and partly synthetical way (Vocal electrod).  He is mastering dj skills in a “Black milk” (Melnais piens) association. He devotes his time also to such thing as brake, musical school and shooting a low-budget movies.
  • Raitis is experimenting with era. Sometimes he is setting his face against it and sometimes he is just drifting with it. This is what you can see in his photos. He prefers black and white photography when he has cash to afford the right film. If not he is okay with the color one.  You can feel the soviet taste in his works for he is trying to show something which people have experienced long time ago.
  • He had several exhibitions. And it wasn’t just to show off his pictures. He was tryin to get a message to people. He says: ” I am not following the ruling material cult, i am following the photo art and its’ experiments.
  • Raitis is making photos on a b&w film and develops them on his own at home.
  • He finds his models in streets and that is exactly where he is trying to photograph them. In the most natural surroundings.  He photographs only those, who might be interesting from the inside. And usually those are his friends as long as you can’t see the inner side of a stranger.
  • Raitis says: ” i like city where a man lives and a man with a medium comes”.
  • He uses : Canon EOS 500 film camera,FED 3, Zenit 3M, Smena 8M.

You can find him at :

Photodom.com / FLICKR

1Riga. Showing the power of nation symbolism.









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