June 26, 2009

  • Saim / KIWIE
  • Graffiti / Graphic design / Street art / Fashion
  • He is a person with his own view on everything and a very special patter of thoughts. He started painting in 2003.
  • He says : “What is important is not who you are , but who you want to be”.
  • KIWIE is a fast learner. And considers himself as a cheerful person.
  • He felt his difference from others in a very early age.  When he was a little boy and went to the kindergarten. He noticed his drawing were distinct from other kid’s drawings. Later his way of thinking also changed and he admitted as a freak and became independent and self-reliant.
  • In his free time he does video montage.
  • KIWIE about his style : “I don’t know which sort of styles I’m in to. When I started to paint I loved everything in 3D, all with shadows and other effects, but then I realised that 2D pieces are fresher and it’s more fun to draw them, fast and with dynamic lines. A real pleasure! Now I try to mix 3D and 2D”.
  • Talking about the KIWIE names origin : “The name KIWIE is my characters name, I just wanted to call him in a word which would provoke nice associations in people, and when I thought what kind of word it could be I had a kiwi fruit on my table. It’s green, it’s full with vitamin C, it’s positive! I decided put an ‘e’ on the back of kiwi making KIWIE… it’s dynamic, it’s simple, it’s cool to write on a wall as a tag and simple to remember for everyone who doesn’t know what a Kiwie is! At the start it was strange… but then it became natural and I can’t imagine him being named any other word”.
  • Talking about the  graffiti here in Latvia KIWIE thinks  it  is pretty new stuff compared with other countries. There was like a …new wave… in 2004-2006 when he think there was an explosion in the graffiti scene and also in street art. Posters, stickers, throw-up’s, pieces… everyday something new.
  • KIWIE prefers to do illegal pieces instead of legal.

You can find him at:



Total freestyle piece with SAKI



MOS ( Meeting of styles) 2009 Germany




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