June 22, 2009

  • PÁL
  • Observer / Graphic artist
  • PÁL is an independent observer-dilettante, sometimes graphic artist. Currently he is mostly involved in non-commercial projects and self-education. Never guessing at the future he lives somewhere in between yesterday and tomorrow in a permanent fight with his alter-ego. PÁL reads books, watches documentaries. Partly watches the development of Latvian and worldwide street art scene. PÁL is now getting his head together and preparing his personal web-playground for launch, aimed at demonstration of his new experiments.
  • PÁL says: “As a leitmotiv of my works I consider a projection of my own inner conflicts, soul-searching, day-to-day experiences and impressions. The major part of my works in its true sense reflects my inner momentary emotional conditions. However some works later find themselves applied in a new state and start functioning as an example of decorative and applied art in connection with absolutely different projects. Per se, such art does not bear any meaning. By visual contact with an artwork the spectator’s knowledge of life forms his own unique interpretation of what he sees. The artwork in its turn has direct influence on forming the spectator’s impressions, even if he is trying to ignore the feedback. In this synthesis I see the incredibly powerful energy of visual art.”
  • Painting, digital graphics, customization, practical and social psychology, observation and analysis – a plain list of keywords, which represent PÁL‘s interests today.

You can find him at: Flickr / PAL84.com pal_01 pal_02 pal_03

Sanatorium “Liva” Kemeri, Latvia

3 Responses to “PÁL @ FILTERED”

  1. qwerty said

    awesome !

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