Monkita @ FILTERED

June 22, 2009

  • Monkita
  • Street art / Graphic design
  • She works as a graphic designer in advertising field.
  • Monkita says: “I guess i just like it too much to do everything my way, this is exactly what attracts me in street art – freedom you have there. Possibility to do everything your own way and by your own morals. Music, friend and relatives, graphic design and everything that is happening around me – is my inspiration. When i draw i rarely now what  will come out.  Mostly it starts with a detail and the rest of the work is slowly building itself .  I have a splendid harmony between working in digital field and physical activity related to use of tactile materials. And one inspires the other”.
  • Monkita reckons that the more and different people there will be – the better. She would also like schools to be aimed at exploiting personalities in place of  bringing everyone up by one strict standart. She says: ” May be then, people would look at things in an absolutely different way”.
  • Monkita believes that street art is evolutionary form of art which defenately has a future.
  • We had an opportunity to find the origin of Monkita’s nickname. “When i was i kid, me and my parents went to the zoo.  There was this cage with monkeys. I pushed my head through in between the cage bars and got stuck. Could not get out and started yelling. So did the monkeys. That is where it’s actually from. Monkey went until Monkita“.
  • She says : ” I am everything i want in this specific moment. I lay myself out to leave margins open and never get myself into the verge. I guess there is nothing good in comparing Latvian art-scene and situation in other countries. After all, each of us has his own thought considering what is good and what is bad”.

You can find her at:


paste ups bu Monkita

paste up's by Monkita

shirts by Monkita

vide by Monkita

1454454620_1380859736[1] by Monkita

3321612667_a8a00031dd[1] by Monkita


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