June 19, 2009

  • Frost (MUR Crew)
  • Graphic art / Graffiti art / Street art
  • He is putting in one’s best licks to make one’s way to progress in his medium. Frost hates pre-election political advertising.  At the same time, he loves trams and was born in Riga.
  • Frost says that he felt he was different “when my relatives started to tell me that I was. Even in kindergarten I was mostly drawing something than playing with other kids. Especially nowadays, when people do a lot of foolish things and canons of proper life are ruined, a wish to be different as quite natural”.
  • Frost likes football. He believes it’s pure fun. It makes people forget everything they have outside the game field, and concentrate on what is happening right here before your eyes.
  • About his works: ” I suppose it’s all skimble-skamble and nothing serious”

You can find him at:


macdonalds by Frost

bird-man by frost



Chaos by Frost


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