Aigars Mamis @ FILTERED

June 19, 2009

  • Aigars Mamis
  • Graphic designer/ Graffiti artist
  • Born in Riga. He never had a lack of good people around him to inspire him. Aigars loves his job,  admires good music, loves his girlfriend and friends. He might be a little pedantic and lazy at the same time. Aigars is sure that bicycle is a great invention. And he absolutely loves “Biezpiena sieriņu Kārums” ;>.
  • Aigars says: “I don’t think i’m different.  I believe it’s quite foolish to think something like that. Each of us – is a person. And every person is individual. If i deal with art and design it doesn’t make me different”.
  • He is working at ASKETIC design studio for approx. 2 years now.
  • He deals with design for 3 years now, and it has absolutely charmed him.  Aigars is glad he can make one’s bread that way. Talking about graffiti – he had never had it as something serious, but if he is drawing he take all pleasure from the process.

You can find him at:


Aigars about his “Above” peace: ” This is one of my favourite works, because every dot and line was traced with a hand to show how significant and beauiful are the tiny details in daily life”.

Pagrafs by Aigars Mamis

About “Pagrafs” project: “Pagrafs is a social project located in a basement, which is dedicated to graffiti workshops. Besides teaching various street-art tendencies and techniques, this is a place where the young graffitists can get help in their struggles and realize that there is something more than just this life”. (/ASKETIC.LV)

Logo by Aigars Mamis

A place to get lost by Aigars Mamis


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