June 18, 2009

  • CUE (MUR Crew)
  • Born in Riga
  • Street art, Fan art, Graphic art
  • He’s lively, likes having fun, chaotic. He loves freedom, loves to meet new people and discover their unique personality. He likes music. Loves to sleep a lot and eat delicious food.  He is into street art because it’s a great way to relax and have fun. CUE likes to bring colors into the city as long as it makes people happier to see colorful scenery instead of  day-to-day gray atmosphere.
  • CUE does not consider himself other than all the rest. He says: ” I am spiritually more free than others and it allows me to look at things in a different way than most people do”
  • Street art is a small part of what makes CUE‘s day. Apart from art, which CUE believes is a tool we use to make ourselves happier, he plays guitar, paints,  edits videos, he rides a skateboard and a snowboard.
  • CUE does not care if  someone crosses his peaces. He is perfectly indifferent to the fact that someone might not like his works. The most important things that matter are emotions he gets while making work and emotions of people when they see it.

You can find him at:

Deviantart / Flickr







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